Rosie Tackley







Rosie is a College of Law LPC graduate, having converted her previous studies via the GDL.  Her first degree was Business and Information Management followed by a Masters in Globalisation and Development, which led to a career within the public and charitable sector.  Rosie studied law as a way of furthering her social objectives, because she wanted to learn a skill that could be used to directly help individuals.


In the past, Rosie has worked for the National Probation Service and Sue Ryder.  She worked at Shelter Legal Services for 5 years, supporting litigation for vulnerable clients facing homelessness and repossession.  The demise of Legal Aid prompted Rosie to take a different route towards a career serving the public, by working as an Ombudsman.  In this role, she can use her academic knowledge and legal experience to assist consumers and retailers in reaching conciliation.

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