Principles of consumer law and understanding bed and mattress complaints course

This one day course is designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of consumer legislation and the issues surrounding bed and mattress complaints. The course draws upon the experience of The Furniture Ombudsman, which handles hundreds of complaints and disputes a year on beds and mattresses.

What the course covers:

The legal definition of a contract – A study of the various elements that make up a contract and how this affects your daytoday business.

Statutory rights – A review of the rights and responsibilities that arise from consumer legislation.

The Sale of Goods Act – A study of the main elements of this act and how it relates to everyday transactions.

Distance Selling Regulations – A guide to the current legislation pertaining to online selling.

Consumers’ entitlements with regards to remedies – An outline of the various entitlements in law if a fault has developed, as opposed to a retailer’s policy with respect to ‘goodwill’.

Common bed and mattress complaints – Comfort, dipping and settlement, frame damage etc. Do you know how best to deal with these complaints? When might they be legally defined as a fault?

Identifying common complaints – A study of how to identify whether complaints are justified and how to deal with them quickly and cost effectively.

Validity of complaints and potential remedies – A study of how to identify whether such complaints are justified and a look at how to deal with such complaints quickly and cost effectively.


Members of both TFO and NBF £100 + VAT
TFO Members £150 + VAT
NBF Members £200 + VAT
Non-members £250 + VAT


28 September 2017




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