Dr. Naomi Creutzfeldt

Dr Naomi Creutzfeldt has a wealth of experience in conducting research on ADR bodies and their users. She has worked on consumer ADR in Europe for the past seven years (at the University of Oxford and now at the University of Westminster), secured grants (and consultancies) to understand users’ expectations of ADR bodies as well as what enhances trust and legitimacy of ADR.

Naomi has published her findings widely in the academic sphere as well as in stakeholder and policy documents, presented at many conferences and knowledge exchange workshops. She has a close working relationship with many of the UK ADR providers. She is currently writing a book about ombudsmen.

More information about ESRC project: Trusting the middle man: impact and legitimacy of ombudsmen in Europe www.law.ox.ac.uk/trusting-middle-man-impact-and-legitimacy-ombudsmen-europe

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