• For our retail members we are a crucial part of business, working together to improve their consumer care. Explore the benefits to hear how.
  • We work with members both before and after complaints arise to help them understand the law, raise standards and inspire consumer confidence.
  • We don’t just hear disputes, we provide valuable training and support that helps businesses to learn lessons and improve for the future.
  • Formally established by Government in 1992, we have a unique heritage and a reputation for independence, fairness and the highest standards.

Retailer Membership Benefits

Joining hundreds of other retailers as a member of the The Furniture Ombudsman has a wide range of benefits.
Assure your customers. Give them the peace of mind that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong there is a clear route to a fair resolution.
Raise standards. We work with our members to ensure they meet their obligations and to become better equipped to deal with their customers.
We are an independent, not for profit organisation and fairness is at the heart of everything we do.
Our comprehensive training courses provide you and your staff with industry-standard skills and knowledge to enable you to better look after your consumers and raise standards.
Join together with hundreds of other leading businesses, from sole traders, to family businesses and high street retailers.
Access to legal experts. All of our members have unlimited access to our advice helpline. This connects our members with our in-house legal experts who can offer helpful guidance about consumer law and complaint resolution.
Online case management. Our members have access to our online case management system to view any live dispute.
Our independent experts can carry out technical inspections and be called upon to act as expert witnesses.
Reduce legal costs for you and your customers. Settling a dispute early through ADR reduces the risk of incurring large legal fees.
We help our members to understand and comply with new legislation.
Gain access to industry data designed to highlight trends and encourage raising standards.
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